The best TV shows on Hulu to binge

One of the best parts about having extra free time is binging television.

Whether you only have time for just one episode or you don’t have any plans all day, Hulu has more than enough content to fuel that binging habit, especially when it comes to television shows.

Whether you’re looking for a chuckle, a tear-jerker or anything in between, here’s a look at some of the most binge-worthy shows on Hulu right now:

This Tina Fey-penned show is loosely based on her experiences on “Saturday Night Live,” but follows Liz Lemon, a television writer leading a crew of goofy misfit writers and egotistical actors with the help of network executive Jack Donaghy.

Cast: Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan, Jane Krakowski

“Grey’s Anatomy”

“Grey’s Anatomy” follows a slew of medical professionals as they progress in their careers, friendships, and relationships, all while working endlessly to save the citizens of Seattle from medical peril.

Cast: Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh, Patrick Dempsey, Eric Dane


Often dubbed “a show about nothing,” Seinfeld follows, well, Jerry Seinfeld, and his pals in their everyday trials and tribulations while living on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

Cast: Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander, Michael Richards


A CIA officer with bipolar disorder believes she’s found a prisoner of war — a member of the United States Marine Corps. — who has been turned while being held captive by al-Qaeda, so she sets out to neutralize the threat she perceives.

Cast: Claire Danes, Mandy Patinkin, Damian Lewis, Rupert Friend

“Bob’s Burgers”

Financially troubled Bob Belcher runs a burger restaurant in a beach town while raising three eccentric children with his high-energy wife, Linda.

Cast: H. Jon Benjamin, Dan Mintz, Kristen Schaal, John Roberts

“Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”

The longest-running live-action primetime series, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” follows the specially trained squad of detectives investigating sex-related crimes, some based loosely on real-life crimes.

Cast: Mariska Hargitay, Christopher Meloni, Ice-T, Dann Florek

“American Horror Story”

Ryan Murphy’s groundbreaking show focuses on a different spooky story each season, tackling the likes of witch covens, haunted hotels, a 1980s slasher story, and even the apocalypse.

Cast: Sarah Paulson, Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, Kathy Bates

“Parks and Recreation”

The series follows the everyday life of the endlessly passionate Leslie Knope, assistant director of the parks and recreation department of Pawnee, Ind., and her teammates as they tackle both the mundane and the unconventional.

Cast: Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, Chris Pratt, Rob Lowe