Sharon Stone blasts Hollywood’s ‘misogynistic’ era of the ’90s: ‘F–kable was equated with workable’

Sharon Stone’s rise to superstardom came in the early 1990s when her iconic leg-crossing scene in “Basic Instinct” went down in history as one of cinema’s most famous on-camera moments.

Now, the 62-year-old actress is reflecting on the ’90s era with displeasure as she recalls the ways in which she was critiqued for her appearance, long before the #MeToo movement shone a light on Hollywood’s casting couch.

In a candid interview for Vogue Germany’s May issue, the actress and model recalled the misogynistic treatment she endured.

“When I started out as a model and actress, the term ‘f–kable’ was equated with workable and camera-friendly,” she told the outlet. “At the beginning, you found that I was too masculine, athletic and muscular, so pretty unsexy. To be perceived differently, I had myself photographed half-naked for Playboy.”

Soon after Stone’s role as serial killer Catherine Tramell captivated viewers, she ended up on the “Sexiest Woman Alive” lists — a ranking she doesn’t take much pride in.

“It’s crazy what you find so sexy,” Stone continued. “But men are probably into sexual offenders and predators who take what they feel like. At least that was the case in the 1990s.”

Stone shared her distaste for the scene still being a topic of discussion in interviews, referencing her viral re-enactment of the scene at a GQ event last November.

“When will the same questions ever stop? The short film scene was shot in another century and has dominated my life ever since,” she said bluntly. “I’m just fed up with it and wanted to address the dilemma with humor.

“It was a pretty misogynistic era twenty years ago,” Stone continued. “Mel Gibson, who is three years older than me, thought I was too old to play by his side.”

The actress also opened up about the setbacks she overcame following a stroke in 2001. She revealed it took her two years to be able to speak and see fully again and nearly seven years for her memory to recover.

Stone said she remembers struggling to accept her appearance during her forties. One painful memory involves the star locking herself in a bathroom with a bottle of wine.

At the time, she recalled thinking, “I won’t get out until I can fully accept my body.”

Today, Stone said she’s currently working on a book likely to be released before the end of the year. She also credited dancing for making her feel “most alive.”

She’s also given up alcohol in recent years and has taken on new fitness regimens, as well as “meditation workouts” for keeping her flexible and able to endure long photoshoots.

Of course, Stone also elaborated on her usage of dating apps, which fans were stunned to learn she joined last year. She praised the apps for allowing her to connect with interesting individuals of all backgrounds.

“I am currently writing to someone who works for the aerospace program. I would never get to know someone like that,” she said.